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TradeMax International Deluxe Edition is a piece of software designed specifically for brokers and traders looking to improve their trading performance and maximize their gain/loss strategy. A professional tool The application comes with a wide range of features meant to help professionals improve their trading performance, while also allowing them to easily manage their trade data. The utility allows active traders and brokers to prepare schedule D and other financial forms, and also offers a variety of reporting tools, including Trade Detail, Summary, performance charts, etc. With the help of this application, users can take advantage of graphs that allow them to analyze their investments and portfolios in a simple manner. It can also be used to track pricing, as the tool can download such info directly from the Internet. Easy-to-use management capabilities The program allows users to find trades, add new ones and edit existing records. Moreover, it supports multiple accounts, which makes it suitable for tracking trades for different users effortlessly. The tool comes with support for importing data from a wide range of formats, and can also handle an unlimited number of transactions. Users can enter data manually, but they can also copy it directly from the web. Handle Wash Sale and generate forms With the help of this application, users can handle their Wash Sale events and can also generate various forms and reports, so as to file capital gains and losses. It also offers support for issuing Schedule D reports and can export them in different formats. The tool comes with Security and Frex Rates views that allow users to keep an eye on price changes and currencies, wile the Calendar tab provides them with the possibility to view when specific transactions take place. Reliable tax software All in all, TradeMax International Deluxe Edition is a powerful tax program that can prove a good option for a wide range of brokers and active traders. It is easy-to-use, requires a small amount of system resources to work, and features a wide range of reporting capabilities. TradeMax International Deluxe Edition was rated: 4.7 of 5 Tiscali Trade Max International is a strong and reliable trading software from Tiscali. The program is an asset/cash management system with a variety of features to help brokers and traders improve their trading performance and gain a larger profit. It also comes packed with a wide range of reporting tools, educational features, and charts to help you to manage your trading activities. Some of the main features of Tiscali Trade Max International include the following: Tiscali Trade Max International with a5204a7ec7

TradeMax World - Deluxe Edition is a financial trading software specially designed for brokers and traders working in a diverse range of industries and business sectors. An ultimate tool The tool allows active traders to automate their trades, thus saving time and allowing them to focus on more important financial transactions, such as getting new products or services. It comes with a number of features that will allow users to automate some of their financial transactions, and also act as an automated stock exchange. It is perfect for brokers working with a diverse set of clients. More sophisticated than any other trading application TradeMax World - Deluxe Edition comes with a wide range of features that make it suitable for brokers who want to streamline their daily processes, as well as for advanced traders looking to manage their trades and transactions at the highest level. The trading program allows them to track prices for a wide variety of assets, and it also offers a variety of timeframes that include one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, three years and five years. Moreover, the software is suitable for brokers dealing with stocks, currencies, futures contracts, indexes, bonds, commodities and so on. Options and baskets are another feature that users can view from the program. It offers support for generating trade notifications, and users can keep track of their trades directly from the application. Simple and easy to use TradeMax World - Deluxe Edition is an advanced trading software that is easy to use, requires minimal system resources to function and comes with a number of features. Users can select their preferred marketplace, and can then search for assets, indexes, stocks, commodities and other forms of financial instruments. TradeMax World - Deluxe Edition features security and forecasting views that provide users with an overview of financial events and market conditions, as well as with time and date ranges. The application can handle a wide range of assets, and is suitable for both brokers and traders working with a range of clients. TradeMax World - Deluxe Edition Description: TradeMax World - Standard Edition is a professional finance trading software designed for stock brokers, investment analysts and other traders working in various industries and business sectors. A simple and effective tool TradeMax World - Standard Edition is a solid option for brokers and traders who want to automate their financial transactions, and ensure their data is stored in a secure manner. It is an advanced financial trading software that offers users a wide range of functions. The program is fast, requires minimal system resources, and is suitable for brokers and traders


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